Nguyen’s stunned co-workers learned of her death at a sales meeting in their office at 425 Park Ave., the morning after the fatal p.m. “We are all very upset,” said colleague Rana Williams.“This is a terrible, terrible tragedy.” The National Weather Service notified the city Office of Emergency Management on Tuesday about a special weather statement regarding high winds at p.m.The medical facility is undergoing conversion into a high-end condominium development called The Greenwich Lane.

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By Bob Flexner Pages 54-56 A while back, my wife and I were visiting friends who wanted to show us their collection of antique furniture.

At one point we went into their bedroom and I headed directly for a very old-looking chest-of-drawers.

The heart-breaking tragedy came just four months before her scheduled marriage to Alex Beitler, her boyfriend of five years. 12th St., where she struck her head, a source told the Daily News.

“She always saw the best in everyone,” said Beitler, a fellow real estate salesman, of his lost love. Investigators from the city Buildings Department descended on the scene, ordering a full stop-work order late Wednesday after citing the owner for failure to keep the site secure.

Also, clearly visible scribe marks and saw or chisel overcuts frequently remain on the wood.

If you’re not sure by looking at the outside of the drawer, open it farther and look at the inside corner where overcuts are more likely to appear.

when she was fatally walloped by a 4-foot-by-8-foot wooden sheet torn loose from a fence by wind gusts of nearly 40 mph, officials said. Patrick’s Day accident occurred opposite the former home of St.

Nguyen, who worked at realty company Keller Williams, died at Bellevue Hospital from head trauma. I hope people will remember her by seeing the best in one another and treating each other with true kindness.” The half-inch-thick plywood sailed across the roadway and slammed Nguyen into a wall at a parking garage at 175 W.

In addition, the wood used for the drawer sides and bottoms helps determine whether the furniture is American or European.