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Our desktop is stuck at 3344 whilst the laptop is at 3354... I am very nervous being online without some cover but do want to stay with NOD – they are excellent when running well.

Noticed ESET was stuck on 3354 (having had my laptop on the whole day, it should have updated by now).

Seems that is the main problem with other NOD users :) I just paid for another year and have NEVER had any problems with this AV.

Pay up and be worry free or get one of the many freebies.

It could be a update server thing, i actually thought it wasn't getting out of my network, i searched couldn't find anything recent about it in wilders or here, which led me to believe it was my problem till i saw this thread. After pressing the update button a number of times I finally downloaded the most recent update 3341.

Anyone having these issues after the big download recently?

Please bookmark key nod32 website of NODMAN for later use.

Just follow the steps before insert nod32 username and nod32 password.

I hear they are good ;) We are due to renew – maybe its worth starting again rather than just renew?