In fact, if it were up to me, babies and toddlers would not be allowed in.

(The strollers get in my way.) But just because they are, and just because Disney World is very family-centric, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Proceed with caution, whatever you do, and do not hold me responsible for anything that goes wrong. ) The Layout: Part of the Haunted Mansion tour takes place in a Doom Buggy — a black shell-shaped moving car that takes two passengers throughout most of the ride.

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(By which I mean, it is an island with woods, and much less structure than the rest of the park.) I have smuggled alcohol into the Magic Kingdom before (the one park where alcohol is prohibited), and I must say, I think this would be a nice spot for a little picnic of wine, a blanket, and some smooching.

Warning: Keep it sort of G-rated because there are kids everywhere.

It’s dark inside the pavilion, even darker and more private on the Mexico boat ride, and nobody would notice if you found yourself a spot on the fountain. Seriously — there are far fewer children or families. It’s actually a good ride, but not nearly exciting enough for a generation of kids weaned on XBOXes and The Avengers. But Walt loved this ride, so make him proud and check it out. (And remember: .) Warning: The cast members might be so surprised that someone is going to The Carousel of Progress that they might watch you like you’re a caged zoo animal.

Start with a few Tequila shots and see where things lead. Or, so many people will hear about the Carousel of Progress as a hot hook-up spot, that it will become some sort of hot-yet-shady sex pavilion. Hook-Up Potential: 6 Related: Dating Don’ts: How NOT To Kiss The Layout: Spaceship Earth takes you up two-by-two into the huge golf ball-looking thing that is the EPCOT mascot (and allow me to continue to show off my Disney geekiness — it was designed by Ray Bradbury), and it is one of my favorite rides.

Hook-Up Level: 6 The Layout: Disney World’s best kept secret is the Atlantic Dance Hall, located on the Boardwalk behind EPCOT (near the Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach Club Resorts).

The huge art deco ballroom has a dace floor that stands before a big screen where they play (requestable) music videos — it’s kind of like Disney’s version of a nightclub — and it’s the only place on Disney property open late.

I do know the place inside out, but I also know you have to be super careful. Since the ride is in the dark, it’s an excellent opportunity to get some private time.