The physical integrity of the property has been compromised and up to 80 per cent of the structures are vulnerable.

The haveli’s decks present a panoramic view of the city.

RAWALPINDI: In the inner city, a network of narrow alleys leads to early twentieth century houses with an entrance opening into an enclosed yard.

The larger houses are two or three storey high with elaborate interiors, intricately decorated ceilings and carved doors and windows.

The order is for adjustance property touching Lal Haveli which property was appropriated since long by Shaikh Rasid.

Again Shaikh should approach high court, if he has full documents of that touching / adjacent property to reverse the decision of EPTB chairman.

Security guards deployed by Fatima Jinnah Women University said the varsity intended to establish a library in the haveli.

Every street pulsates with a fascinating anthology of stories and nostalgic memories.

The small reception area beyond it connects it with the haveli’s other sections.

The western and eastern halls are distinct in form and adornment from the ceremonial halls and rooms on the first floor.

“Mohan Mandir was constructed before my eyes.” Kalyan Das Mandir in Kohati Bazaar has been converted into a school for the blind.