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This display of the beating heart is useful in visualizing regional wall motion abnormalities such as akinesis, dyskinesis, and hypokinesis.

Left ventricular aneurysms, dilatations of a portion of the ventricular wall, reveal an outward bulge during systole (dyskinesis).

Computerized edge detection is considered to be more accurate than the manual processing method because it is based on a mathematical model, not on visual discrimination.

Semiautomatic and automatic edge detection software uses threshold and second derivative methods for finding the edge of the ventricle in each frame.

The ROI generated for each frame of the cardiac cycle should include all of the left ventricle.

The region should not include or overlap any other structures, namely the septal border of the right ventricle, great vessels, or atrium.

The background region should appear in the same place on all frames, representing the average activity behind the LV.

REPORTING RESULTS Comprehensive analysis and interpretation of MUGA scans requires both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Net counts are determined by drawing a region of interest over the LV for each frame of the cardiac cycle and a background region, typically taken as a crescent adjacent to the apex (should not overlap activity in spleen or aorta).