There’s also a short section on how to write faster VBA macros.

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Declare variables with explicit types to avoid the overhead of determining the data type (repetitively if used in a loop) during code execution.

For simple functions used by your code in high frequency, implement them yourself in VBA instead of using the Worksheet Function object. Special Cells() to scope down the number of cells your code needs to work with.

Consider the performance gains by implementing your code’s functionality via XLL / C-API.

An overview and supporting materials for the SDK can be found here:

Turning off screen updating is separate from turning off the status bar display so that you can disable screen updating but still provide feedback to the user, if desired.

Again, turn it back on right before your code ends execution.

Read/Write Large Blocks of Cells in a Single Operation This optimization explicitly reduces the number of times data is transferred between Excel and your code.

Instead of looping through cells one at a time and getting or setting a value, do the same operation over the whole range in one line, using an array variable to store values as needed.

Value ‘ read all the values at once from the Excel grid, put into an array For Irow = 1 To 10000 For Icol = 1 To 3 My Var = Data Range(Irow, Icol) If My Var 0 Then My Var=My Var*Myvar ‘ Change the values in the array Data Range(Irow, Icol) = My Var End If Next Icol Next Irow Range(“A1: C10000”).