Patrick Carnes, executive director of the Gentle Path program at Pine Grove Behavioral Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi — the clinic where Tiger Woods reportedly sought treatment.

“Women are engaging in affairs, they’re engaging in sado-masochistic behaviour,” Carnes said. “We are seeing the biggest change in human sexuality maybe in the history of our species.” But other observers are wary of the sudden flurry of attention to sex addiction.

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Little is known about the prevalence of sexual addiction in women, but psychologists say the phenomenon is real and only now getting the attention given men.

“We’re seeing women getting into pornography in a way we’ve never seen before,” says psychologist and sex-addiction research pioneer Dr.

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Women who struggle with sexually compulsive behaviour often experienced an inappropriate or premature introduction to the idea of sex, says Lawson, who recently helped organize a public meeting for women only on love, sex and relationship addiction. Eventually, the behaviour becomes impossible to ignore, she says.

“It could be actual sexual abuse by a family member, neighbour or someone in the community,” Lawson said. “They don’t like what they’re doing, they don’t feel good about themselves or about what they’re doing.

In a newly released definition of addiction, the society says addiction results from dysfunctional circuits in specific brain regions controlling reward, motivation and memory.