During that time i checked to make sure i didnt accidentally stumble into some sort of adult chat site witch i didn't I was in the "Main lobby" room.Eventually i decided to leave after receiving nothing but perverted remarks, and a few random insults and made my way to another chat service.

Random chat rooms with horny people-87

The situation deteriorated very rapidly as they where apparently lesbians looking for "Some fun" Needless to say after throwing up i deleted them as contacts and blocked them, before signing off.

I decided to call it a day wasting roughly 1.5-2 hours talking to nothing but completely disrespectful perverts who apparently have nothing better to do then [email protected]%%$ around with strangers.

Around the time i muted them all, i received a few more privet messages/ instant messages/ w/e they are called.

One of them ( cant remember how many Ims i got) again asked for a 'relationship'who was promptly ignored.

This is a transcript of his chat: *** You are now chatting with a random stranger *** *** Say Hi!

I just got fooled by a guy a minute ago LOL Stranger: Well…

Why don’t you just come over to my place and we can talk in person? LOL You: Well, anyway, I was just kidding HAHA Stranger: Maybe I will come over.

You: Apartment 604, Worthington Apartments, Mulberry Road.

He seemed like a pretty nice guy until he asks me how large a certain portion of my body was out of the blue, acting like it was the most natural thing in the world to ask- and even tried to debate me on it when i challenged his sanity and how utterly inappropriate it was to ask me that.