I think when I am ready to date again, I wil give online dating a go as well as trying to meet people in real life. Did you believe the stigma that all you find online are ugly/desperate/losers?

But because this is a SFW site and in an effort to give back to female dogs the respect and love they deserve—let’s talk instead about Heartless Queen Bees (or HQBs) and the men that love them, and what there is to learn from them to make our own relationships better.

Time and time again, I have been first-hand witness to the phenomenon of “nice guy loves HQB”.

One example of this is simply to state what you want and why it makes sense from your perspective, sans the demeaning, condescending anger so often employed in making similar requests by HQBs.3) The ever-popular and proven, “Men Like a Challenge”!

How many dating articles and books have you read that are devoted to some version of the basic idea that men like to be presented with a challenge, so they feel extra special when they are able to conquer said challenge?

It’s really a marvel to behold—a caring, kind-hearted, courteous and generous man who seems to always be in the position of bending over backwards for his HQB; and he seems to also love every minute of responding to her demands and bearing the brunt of her indiscriminate disdain.

But these relationships are also some of the best I’ve seen in terms of longevity; and so too, I have deduced, in terms of some degree of relationship success.

And remember – you only have 24 hours to respond to her message.

But if she doesn’t make the first move, all is not lost.

Some men can’t resist the challenge of trying to illicit any kind of pleasant response from an HQB and so she becomes an object of great interest.

How do YOU (again, as the decent, thoughtful woman you are) turn yourself into being more of a challenge?

It’s worth filling out – if she’s wavering about which way to swipe based on your photos, a profile that makes her smile will make up her mind.