Polly Tool, an African-American slave, rescued most of the records.

She was honored by a statue in the Blount County courthouse.

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Houston lived for a few years with the Cherokee at Hiwassee Island, on the Hiwassee River, where he became fluent in their language and appreciative of their culture.

After his return to Maryville about 1811, Houston started a one-room schoolhouse.

Traffic was re-routed, facades were placed on old buildings, slums were cleared, and the Bicentennial Greenbelt Park was created. Maryville is bordered on the north by Maryville's twin city, Alcoa.

The project failed to attract business back to the downtown locations; instead retailers moved to the new Foothills Mall a few years later. Senator Lamar Alexander was born in Maryville in 1940. He ran unsuccessful campaigns for president in 19, both times announcing his candidacy for the Republican Party from his hometown of Maryville. A number of small suburbs— including Wildwood, Ellejoy, and Clover Hill— surround Maryville to the east and west.

In August of that year, a Confederate cavalry raid, under the command of General Joseph Wheeler, attacked the courthouse where the Union troops had taken shelter.

To try to dislodge the federal soldiers, Confederates set fire to several buildings, including a store where the city's records were being kept.

Maryville was a center of abolitionist activity throughout the early 19th-century; it was generated mostly by the Society of Friends, which had a relatively large presence in Blount County.

They were supported by anti-slavery advocates such as Isaac L. Although staunchly pro-Union throughout the Civil War, Maryville was not liberated by federal troops until May 1864.

Average temperatures in January range from 29 degrees low to 46 degrees high. The sports teams compete in NCAA Division III athletics in the Great South Athletic Conference and the USA South Athletic Conference.