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Continue Reading Arizona’s Senator Jeff Flake joined me this AM to discuss day two of the hearings on the nomination of Judge Gorsuch to the U. Supreme Court: Audio: 03-21hhs-flake Transcript: HH: Joined now by United States Senator Jeff Flake from the great state of Arizona.

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I mean, it’s, a lot of folks just don’t, can’t afford it, or you have the pull outs where they don’t even get a choice anymore. But if we want health care reform, we want medical malpractice reform, we want interstate competition, amendments to the tax code can get that done by dis-incentivizing certain kinds of policies.

They would be in power when that happens, and then they’d have what we call the public option, where they just put in place a government program to give cradle to grave health care. And I think they want to hold onto that dream, and I think that that’s kind of why they’re in denial, that this stage of their march toward government-run health care is collapsing. The premiums are skyrocketing, and no one’s using it. You know, amendments will be allowed, so it’ll, nothing ever goes quickly in the Senate. HH: Well, it seems to me that they’ve left on the table opportunities to use the tax code, and I understand the reconciliation rules and the Byrd rules.

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