A police officer later emerges, producing Vince's secret stash of cocaine and showing to the group with everyone especially Turtle, E and Drama being left stunned by the news.As such, Vince is presumably arrested and forced to attend rehab for the next three months.Other problems derailed Vince's involvement in both "Medellin" and "I Wanna Be Sedated," leading to the possibility that Vince's time on the A-list may be short-lived.

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So far, the biggest winner has been Jeremy Piven, for his role as Ari, with 3 Emmys and 1 Golden Globe.

Vincent "Vince" Chase is an actor on the road to stardom.

In the last few minutes of the episode, with Sasha, Billy, Drama and Scott are at the hospital with E and Turtle later joining them as they all try to take stock of what's happened.

Vince emerges from a hospital room, bruised and bloodied while telling his friends that they got what they wanted because he's officially out of control.

Vince's new hairstyle also sends Cassavetes into a rage as he planned on doing a couple of reshoots of the film but now that won't because according to Cassavetes, Vince looks like "Tobey Maguire from Brothers".

In Dramedy, Vince continues hanging out with Lavin and the two even attend an auction together before holding a house party that ends with Vince sleeping with two girls while E and Lavin square up to each other.Originally from Queens, in New York, Vince along with his half-brother, Johnny "Drama" Chase and friends Turtle and E arrived in Los Angeles with Vince hoping to further expand his career.Vince made a risky choice in picking the indie film "Queens Boulevard" instead of a larger, more commercial film.In Buzzed, Vince, still recovering from his pain meds decides to shave his head much to E and Turtle's surprise although Drama approves, claiming that both he and Vince look more alike than ever while E wonders if Vince got approval from Cassavetes to do so with Vince lying and saying that Cassavetes said it was fine because they're wrapped.Later, while at the Murray Berenson Company, Vince explores the company while attempting to hit on E's secretary, Jennie who turns him down and in the process, Vince meets E's colleague, Scott Lavin with the two men beginning to spend together which culminates with both men jumping out of a plane at the end of the episode much to E and Ari's horror.Not wanting to be considered a weakling or even a pussy, Vince agrees to do the stunt despite Turtle, E, Drama and even Ari objecting and during the performance, later crashes into a wall with the scene leaving the others horrified.