A number of Hamas leaders are expected to arrive in Cairo later this week in a bid to persuade the Egyptians not to strike a separate deal with Abbas and his loyalists regarding the border crossing.On Monday Hamas reiterated its opposition to Abbas's demand to redeploy members of his Presidential Guard force at the border with Egypt.

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Rice's agreement, which Israel accepted reportedly after intense American pressure, restricted the Jewish state to monitor the area by camera, called for a European presence at the border station and offered the Palestinians some veto power on vehicles and persons entering Gaza.

New border rules stipulate Israel cannot restrict who leaves Gaza, but it can ask the European monitors to delay for several hours anyone crossing the border if Israel provides information indicating an entrant may be a security threat.

Whether the Egyptians were complicit in last month's break or whether they simply blundered in ignoring Hamas' preparations to break down the wall, they apparently want to seal the border and have someone on the 'Palestinian' side enforce some sort of reasonable border regimen with them.

Fatah would like to be that party, but the Egyptians are talking to Hamas.

A gang of terrorists faced down Egypt, and now they want a more moderate terrorist to do in Rafah what he couldn't do in the rest of Gaza.

Abbas lost control of the territory last year when Hamas conducted an armed revolt against the Palestinian Authority.He also warned Hamas against intervening in this issue, adding that the PA was the only party authorized to run the Rafah border crossing.This had to be a red-letter day for Egypt and its security forces.Syria-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal is reported to have won the backing of Saudi Arabia for including Hamas in any deal on the border, sources close to Hamas said.Mashaal arrived in Riyadh Sunday, where he met with a number of senior government officials on the latest crisis....Israeli security officials told WND the cameras at the border are not sufficient to identify entrants, and they said the Palestinians have been failing to supply accurate and timely lists of individuals crossing into Gaza.