So when the bar is at your chest, you bring the weight down to the 200 pounds that you started with.

As you press the weight up, more of the chains come off the floor, gradually increasing the bar total back to the 230 pounds at the top.

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) and despite what will hopefully remain a glut of work with major magazines (I think we had articles in about five publications last month) I was very pleased with the latest one, on the principles of accommodating resistance in weight training, to appear in Men’s Health.

This is because it was not just words by Nick Mitchell, but also photos of Rich Phillipps (our female fat loss personal trainer) taken in our own London personal training gym. In fact if you squint hard enough at some of the exercise demonstration photos you can even see a black & white photo of me lurking on a far wall. Anyone who makes the suggestion that it is a B&W shot because they didn’t have colour back in my day will be forever banned from this blog!!

of his boots, his shaving-glass, and so forth, particularly impressed themselves upon me, as evidences of the same Traddles who used to make models of elephants' dens in writing-paper to put flies in; and to comfort himself under ill usage, with the memorable works of art I have so often mentioned.

It’s always nice to see my articles published (words made flesh so to speak!

Sport performance is about which athlete can absorb more force, enabling the athlete to produce more power.

The biggest improvements that you will see by using this method are increased power, speed, and explosive strength.

In this post, I cover what accommodating resistance is and the benefits of using this form of training.

The Force-Velocity Curve Before going into what the chains and bands do, I first have to set the groundwork and explain what the force-velocity curve is.

This idea forces you to drive the bar out into full extension without letting up.