You go to bars and clubs and other ANONYMOUS places.

He emphasizes that this is essential because you need to go somewhere where you can try new stuff and mess up without worrying about consequences.

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On the very first skype conference, Fuji finds out all the necessary preliminary information about you.

Questions about relationship history, sexual experience, etc.

Of course, all of you are probably wondering what kind of results/improvements I've made from this.

In a nutshell, the results have been ridiculous and life changing, and they're only beginning.

He considers not only the tactical aspect of the field reports but also your practice habits/inner dialogue (you are supposed to make notes of your inner dialogue in the weekly field reports).

Did you spend enough time in field/do as many sets as you could've? Did you have the inner dialogue of someone who is confident and attractive, or of an insecure excuse-maker?

You go out a minimum of twice a week to complete the in field tasks, and you do the other tasks on your own time (he gives drills/homework assignments related to improving lifestyle, becoming more witty/clever/funny, building conversational skills and tactics).

You record ALL of this in weekly field reports that you send to him every Sunday.

Now, when I go downtown (I often go alone, sometimes with one wing) I am in set the moment I walk into each venue.

I approach mixed sets, sets of like ten hot girls, couples, everything.

The first skype conference is different from all of the subsequent ones.