It has tracked the dating services market since 1998.John La Rosa has presented at several annual dating industry conferences and is available for interviews.The last recession actually helped this business, as America’s 100 million singles looked for economic and emotional support in these tumultuous times..”, according to Research Director, John La Rosa.

However, consumers are not always happy with results, and state authorities sometimes get involved.”, according to John La Rosa. size 1991-2015F, image problems, singles demographics, outlooks by consultants and Wall St. Overview summary is available to the public for $79.

analysts, matchmaker surveys, ranks of top dating websites, niches, ethical issues, technology, and more. ABOUT MARKETDATA Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., is a 33-year old independent market research firm that publishes market and industry studies covering a wide range of service businesses.

'A Very Civilized Way' "It's just a very civilized way to meet another person," said Andrea Mc Ginty, one of the service's two founders.

It is also a potentially great business in a city where many are rootless but few are fancy-free and where lunch is, for many people, the only social occasion.

The company, which allows clients to screen potential dates through videotaped interviews, charges $1,000 to $2,500 a year. In 1990, The Voice started taking personals for free, then charging people who called to answer them as well as those who called to retrieve the answers $1.75 a minute.

"It's our dream to open up in New York," said Keith Granierer, its chief operating officer. "They're looking for something that's very difficult to find, and even harder to buy," said Leslie Gersing, a spokeswoman for State Attorney General Robert Abrams. The number of personal ads a week has skyrocketed from fewer than 100, to 800.

Marketdata Enterprises, a 33-year old market research firm that has tracked the U. dating services market since 1998, has just released a new edition of its market study that analyzes ALL dating services—online and off-line: dating websites, matchmakers, dating coaches, brick & mortar franchises and chains, speed dating, personal ads, radio datelines, and singles phone chat lines.

This business study covers the market from 1991 to 2015 forecasts, with outlooks and effects of the recession on all market segments.

Another service, People Resources, was sued by a customer in 1989 claiming overcharges.

Last year it was ordered to make refunds to all its customers for the previous six years.

“Matchmaking and online dating has become big business, with dating services estimated to be worth .14 billion in 2011 and forecast to grow 4.7% per year to .54 billion by 2015.