August 8, 2016: Actress Regina King has a very practical approach to dating, she’s open to men of ALL RACES.

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But I’m more of an advocate of black man, woman and child. So with that in mind, you’d be ignorant to put yourself through the drama of dealing with ni**as if they keep f*cking up? A white man has it all planned out, he wants to be married by 30, have kids at 32, move to another state in a few more years, put the kids through college and finally retire with his lovely wife and travel the world.

But these days love is blind, so I guess to each his own. Try something or someone new because I gotta be honest, while I pride myself on being a good black man, most of my ni**as are not, unfortunately. Black women should date other races because black men have a reputation of not having their sh*t together. So, in my opinion, it might be the look if you want a real relationship and marriage. Well, I don’t really condone the idea, but honestly most black dudes are in jail, gay or have a record.

Besides, black men date other races effortlessly so what’s the hold up for the sistas?

Once you get past the not so chocolate brown skin and paler scrotums, men of other races are pretty much the same, right? How often have you heard ” I’ve dated a (_____) guy, but I couldn’t sleep with him.” Every woman from Black, White, Asian, Latina to Middle Eastern love black men, but black women, however, tend to be exclusive to their own when it comes to dating. Are the odds even in a black woman’s favor to acquire a black man or should they explore other options for a chance at relationship longevity?

This topic seems like such a dead horse that keeps getting beaten, over and over again.

But if you’re a woman, who happens to be African American, who also happens to be single, this is probably a scenario that crosses your mind more often as time progresses without a partner.

So I guess I’ll be the only one who holds out until I find a black man because I know he’s out there, but as usual, he’s late as hell. Black women deserve to be more than “baby mamas” and that’s all that they have been for a while.

Like how many dudes you got a child with a black woman who is all kinds of “b*tches” and “hoes,” but turn around and wife up the exotic, half-bred broad.

Everywhere I go I see inter-racial couples of ALL...