Was talking to a girl for like a month that just got out of a 2 year relationship.

Mostly we just texted and what not, went out a couple times.

dating a girl coming out of a long relationship-80

I say take it slow, but don't over think things like you might be.

I'd just do my own thing and let the girl come after me. Only read the 1st page so far, but I have to say, it sounds like byronicle's advise will get you locked away in that friend zone. The fact is she knows from jump street if she would sleep with you or not.

I'd just do my own thing and let the girl come after me. See, I knew my fiancee for a year before we got together, and so I can say your sort of right.

But even so I put it out there early what my intentions were.

And I don't know if your like me but if you are its REALLY hard to do that while not just getting her drunk and hoping she just gives you some one night. Thats my 2 cents only gets friendly if you make it friendly, i.e. you want girls to chase you, you got to work against their materialistic thinking and make yourself look unattainable. She wasn't goign to to go out either but apparently changed her midn and wanted me to come.

girls always want something they cannot have, ever noticed you get hit on more by girls when you are in a relationship? I didn't want to be that guy who changes on a dime for her because that spells disaster so I bucked up best I could told her I couldn't make it but I'd love to see her this week if theirs a break in her schedule.

what better way to make your intentions mysterious which again mystery attracts the ladies, and make yourself seem out of reach then to say let's just be friends when many girls believe that guys and girls cannot be friends you can't be friendly when following my advice which includes sounding friendly, sharing stories and hanging out too much but only on weekend nights when things are more intimate.

Again though, I think your not factoring in the relationship she was in.

Took her to the movies 1st day I knew her, but didn't try anything. If he plays Captain Saveaho now she is going to keep asking him to listen all the way through her next relationship.