So it should also be known that no bugs will be fixed with the first Hetalia game.Sorry, but I've tried fixing the game, this bugs you all encounter I don't encounter so there's no way for me to fix it. Either way, the next game will redeem me as a programmer! It has music and sound effects so I recommended to put your headphones on 4. THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY WORKSIf you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. 1)Say your name 10 times 2)Say your mom's name 5 times 3)Say your crush's name 3 times4)Paste this onto 4 other games If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible.

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(window.device Pixel Ratio*screen.width 'x' window.device Pixel Ratio*screen.height) :(screen.width 'x' screen.height)); this.remove Attribute('onclick')" class="mi"- If you're stuck at the dance it's cause you DIDN'T FINISH A SPEECH PATH wow amazing- It's been pointed out 6,000 times that you can't type some of the letters in the country slot. You guys are awesome, and the only reason that this game doesn't have (or has less) errors. End of description, I'm gonna go take a four million year long break from Flash u v u#Arthur Is Avril Lavigne2014also for the record I will hide any comments that refer to France/Prussia/Spain rapists, pedophiles, or perverts bc I don't want that type of trash on my game sorry but y'all really need to stop that I LOVE IT!!! i'm sorry some people keep spamming you with question.

Guess your OC country will have to wait for somebody else to make a sim date.- Don't make any fucking let's plays on my game anymore y'all are disrespectful as fuck and I'm sick of people trying to get fame off my game while they're insulting me or the game.- The cheat button is HIDDEN. It's not that hard.- STOP SAYING YOU'RE RAPING THE KISS BUTTON WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUp.s.

This sim dating game reminds me of some other official games as well.

Were you inspired off of those games whose names I cant remember?

But I assure, most of the bugs are minor, and if there's a bug, say, that you can talk to someone unlimited regardless of HP, then congratulations, you beat the game. However, this game is my baby and I spent 7 months making it. I don't mean to offend you in any way, shape or form but as soon as I read that last part, I immediately felt disappointed that you would say something as hurtful as that. I would really appreciate it if you could remove that part. I've been working hard on the second Hetalia Dating Sim.

I will not tolerate people being rude because their favorite character did not show up in this game A new game is being created, and the plot is a lot better than this game (yes, this game was meant to be stupid, silly, and whimsical, I thought it fit the Hetalia vibe to make everything silly.) And so far I have the following characters that will be present in this next game:1. How would you feel if some random stranger came up to you and started making fun of your baby? I made this game out of the goodness of my heart and I'm not a Flash professional, if you have concerns or you just want to be mean, I would kindly suggest that you buy your own Flash (not a cheap program by the way) and make a Hetalia Dating Game yourself. She walked away with tears in her eyes The boy grabbed her arm Boy: Your not pretty..beautiful Boy: I dont want to be with u forever... I love u Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away...... Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me Girl: I will...*Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they loves u*Something good will happen to u at 1-4pm*Tomorrow it could be anywhere!!! Okay, this game is cute and all, and I do appreciate all the hard work you put into it, but that last bit in the description about copyright and "you should go kill yourself"... I'm here to give you just a quick update about what I've been doing.

Music is by blink-182, an amazing band that helped shape so many other of my favorite bands... I'm fine that not every hetalia character is in here I kinda like the fact that only some characters are in here! I mean, I sucked the first time because I was trying to get all that energy and accidentally went to the end so that blows, but that's my fault.