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Download MADRIX PLEXUS Driver (828 KB) This is the MADRIX LUNA interface 32-bit and 64-bit driver for Windows as a separate file (ZIP file format, please unzip).

Driver Version: 6.0.0514.2, Creation Date: 06/27/2014, Vendor ID: 0x289F, Product ID LUNA 8: 0x2053 (USB\VID_289F&PID_2053), Product ID LUNA 4: 0x2054 (USB\VID_289F&PID_2054), Product ID LUNA 16: 0x2055 (USB\VID_289F&PID_2055).

Driver Version: 6.0.0511.2, Creation Date: 06/26/2014, Vendor ID: 0x0CE1, Product ID USBone: 0x0050 (USB\VID_0CE1&PID_0050), Product ID NEO: 0x0051 (USB\VID_0CE1&PID_0051).

Download MADRIX NEO/USBone Driver (807 KB) This is the MADRIX PLEXUS interface 32-bit and 64-bit driver for Windows as a separate file (ZIP file format, please unzip).

Darren at advandate did them for free and in just a few minutes. I know you have a lot of customers and taking time out of your busy day to walk through this on the phone was just amazing. Darren, Rick and John know exactly what their talking about.

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Release date: February-14-2017Download (4 MB) (Right-click | Choose "Save Target/Link As...") The following third party source code is available for download. Please note: This is a license compliance and not a requirement to run MADRIX 3.

Links: Open Scene Graph Source Code (8.2 MB) and Qt Source Code (267 MB) – You can test MADRIX for free. – Data output is available for 256 DMX universes and 1,310,720 DVI pixels by default.

SIPro/PIPro, Electro-Thermal Windows, HB&CE speed&convergence, import, 5G Library, Momentum: i PDK, i RCX import, Parameterized substrates, Silicon dummy fill simulation: PAM4, DDR4 Receiver Equalization, Mix/Match IBIS-AMI w/IBIS/SPICE.