The early working title was Flower Boy Dating Agency.

He turned to lok out the window and Ino scowled."No."Gaara smirked, "Fine then. He shoved open the nearest window, grabbed Ino's arm and practically threw her out. ""Hinata's cousin."Gaara shrugged and parked by the ferrari, his mercedes not seeming the least bit intimidated by the sports car. ""He wants to transfer here for the next month.""From K. Minutes later, they were in front of a pervert that would put their own Dean to shame.

Charge into the mob."Ino groaned quietly and waited. He followed just as a few girls were about to reach him. They got out and walked into Naruto's house, not even bothering to knock."We're home! "Gaara and Ino went in and sighed at the table where stacks of letters lay. Jiraiya Sannin smiled widely, "Ah, its always nice to meet students of my biggest fan."The Dean of K.

The unruly blonde hair..startlingly blue eyes..."I'm Naruto."The guy remained silent."If you don't want me to call your fans up, you might wanna be polite."he sighed, "Sasuke.""Nice to meet you.""Hn.""So...girls are chasing you cause you're hot? Naruto looked into his dark eyes and smiled, "You pretty hot.""Are you...""Gay?

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Chapter 2: Nice to meet you Beta'd by: [Unbeta'd]Disclaimer: yadee yadaa... Naruto ran into his class and caught his breath as Kiba and their lecturer, Iruka, barred the new heightened security door.

Iruka sighed as the door was viciously banged on."Naruto!They ran across the grounds headed for the carpark so they could hurry to Naruto's house, their only haven. ""You're welcome."Ino gaped and muttered under her breath. Kiba and Sakura were arguing over yoghurt and Hinata was going through the stacks."Where's Naruto? T, Kakashi, had the largest collection of porn in the world.Guiness world records had even popped by to give him the title officially.He sat by the edge near Old Mac, the school's oldest tree that had branches extending over the roof. Naruto noticed the deep calm voice and couldn't help the tingle that flowed over him."I should ask The raven moved toward him cautiously and said, "You mind if I stay here awhile? "Before Sasuke could reply, Naruto had gotten up and was straddling him. "Get off me.""I will...."Sasuke watched as Naruto lowered his head and kissed him lightly on the lips."Your lips are soft."Sasuke rolled his eyes at him. The door sprung open and Naruto ducked behind a protruding vent. ""As long as you don't rat me out to the crazy girls outside, sure.""You too? Naruto smiled at that and started to plant soft, wet kisses to Sasuke's jaw making a trail down to his neck. "Naruto dropped his backpack in his seat and took a bow as the class clapped."Another narrow escape eh?