^^It is selfish but they aren't thinking about that. - I call Miami Police from my dad's phone and speak to at least three cops and one person from the 911 line (whatever it is) for over 8 minutes about the situation, the people there do not take the case seriously and tell me to call the sheriff of his county, and give me the sheriff's number even after I told them I was speaking from a different country and that this was an emergency. thread - People tell me to quit worrying and that they're 100% sure its a loop and he's just fraudin' -jjlee138 (Rep this dude) calls the Broward County Sheriff's office and speaks to them about the situation along with a couple of other people.

They're focusing on the pain and disappointment THEY feel. By the time I called, it turns out 3 people had already called them about it.

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Urinalysis results go directly to the NANBF home offices.

If it’s discovered any participants who should have been polygraph tested were not, they will be disqualified and removed from the official results.

Competitors are responsible for ensuring they are tested at events.

Polygraph examiners supply the NANBF offices with lists of contestants tested after each show.

IDK [email protected] those people egging the guy on and then sitting there watching that video for hours and not doing anything. " Plus he was mental so he was str8 up on another level. - I find his personal details through E-detectivery, I figure out his name and number and location. I request people to call the cops because I live in India and had no way to make International calls all by myself. Staberella especially is quite a huge cynic and says that he wasn't going to die on that kind of drugs, she insists nothing is going to happen and that people should just gtfo of the thread.

and smdh @ the guy for not talking to somebody about his problems instead of taking the easy way out. they don't care about how their actions will affect their loved ones. - I send an email to Miami Police on their official email on their website, Email not functioning!

Competitors are ultimately responsible for substances they take.

If urine test results come back positive for any banned substance, competitors are disqualified regardless of what may have been responsible for the positive result and are banned from competing in the NANBF for the disallowed duration for detected substances.

Anabolic Agents (Cannot have been used within seven years of contest date) Including, but not limited to the following as well as their metabolites: DHEA is a naturally occurring steroid hormone produced in the adrenal glands by both men and women.

Promoter: Joe Spinello Productions Tickets: mailto:[email protected] 1-514-806-8161 Venue: Sheraton Congress Centre Laval Host Hotel: Sheraton Laval Call 1-800-667-2440 and mention World Qualifier for special rates Drug Tested Event!

I cannot phantom the idea of letting a bunch of assholes from the net egg me on with my depression If its true, sounds like roid rage with the whole lot.