After sheepishly offering him a tissue, we knew that this calorie-counting match was not going to last another episode.

In the world of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, not every relationship was built to last. But every experience brought with it an important life lesson, a deeper understanding of the perils of romantic entwinement and …

ah, who are we kidding — all we really wanted was a dishy brunch session the day after and fodder for Carrie's next Then: After an embarrassing magazine cover labeling her "Single and Fabulous Question Mark," Carrie decides to take her Single and Fabulous (Exclamation Mark) self out to a hot party, where she meets another single and fabulous hottie.

She immediately rectifies that situation, which ends up backfiring when Sam grows much too attached to Ms. Now: Jacob Pitts played sex-obsessed Cooper Harris in the cult comedy classic Then: Sports doctor Robert Leeds was Miranda's (handsome) neighbor who, after some elevator flirting, became her (handsome) serious BF. Now: Nick Scotti was a popular male model when he met Madonna at a party thrown by photographer Herb Ritts.

She took a liking to him and catapulted him to It Boy status; alongside his .

Now: Andrea Boccaletti has a few IMDb credits to his name but spends his time these days running "One Love Unified," a T-shirt brand.

Via the company's website, Boccaletti "was inspired to take action as an activist against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.They jump into his Porsche for what looks to be a sure thing, until he spots her magazine cover at a newspaper stands and she's confronted with her own insecurities. Thirty-Something Women" Then: When Charlotte decides to relive her 20s during a weekend in the Hamptons, Long Island ice tea hangovers are the least of her problems.Also, he's kind of a jerk and doesn't let her out of the car (luckily it's a convertible). Instead, she ends up with a mortifying case of crabs and it's hard to even watch that episode without feeling itchy.When Samantha stops going down on her sex partner, she has to gently explain to him that it's because his bodily fluid is high on the "retch" meter. Now: Actor Bobby Cannavale is dating one of our favorite actresses, Rose Byrne (they currently star in Then: After giving her hotshot stockbroker neighbor Chip Kil-Kenney a very warm welcome basket (her vagina), Samantha reaps the benefits of his financial expertise with postcoital insider trading tips.After the police bust them in flagrante (translation: going at it hard), it's the end of Samantha's Wall Street winning streak.Now: Canadian actor Victor Webster has appeared on Then: Beautiful underwear model Derek is the object of Stanford's affection, but he turns out to be more into Carrie.