As he showed on last year's great two-part banger "100 Grandkids," Mac is an expert at finding various grooves in the same melodic backdrop and letting songs evolve in a seemingly organic fashion, so no matter the genre him and his collaborators are playing with, everything's bound together by his deft rhythmic sensibility.Concept albums are usually best when the music matches the lyrics' attention to thematic consistency, and TDF achieves that with ease, its music overshadowing Mac's attempts at boiling down the idea of love into an album-length summary.

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I'll admit that the first thing that got me to show an iota of respect towards Mac was a beat by one of my favorite producers, Flying Lotus, on his track "S. S." in 2013, and I still never thought I'd overcome my grudge.

Then came Watching Movies With The Sound Off, which may have been a tad scatterbrained, but was at least interesting and had a handful of great tracks.

However, much like the guy responsible for the definitive frat rap anthem, Mac eventually grew up and out of his Kickin Incredibly Dope Shit phase.

Hoodie Allen moved onto pop music, Sammy Adams and Mike Stud are still touring college towns and seem to have never grown up, but Asher Roth quickly ditched the, "Here’s your song about weed, and here’s your girl song, and here’s your club banger" approach that he said he disliked about his early work, and did his own thing.

You usually only see this degree of consistent evolution and maturation in artists who take two or three years between albums, but since Mac released I Love Life, Thank You almost exactly five years ago, each of his seven ensuing projects (not counting live albums or ones released under pseudonyms) has been better than the last.

The Divine Feminine fits right in line with Mac's existing trajectory, meaning that it's far and away his best album, and that it makes direct improvements on its predecessor.

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The problems that WMWTSO, Faces, and GO: OD AM all shared were their length and lack of focus, and even though the 53-minute TDF was originally an EP project that spiraled out into a full-length, its cohesiveness and relative brevity read as a wise response to the most common critiques Mac's received in years past.