It took escalating calls to Comcast to get another tech out to undo the unnecessary damage. And unlike my otherwise intelligent editor Todd Bishop who went on a more drastic Xfinity diet, I’ve decided not to completely pull the Xfinity TV plug. An Xfinity Preferred XF Triple Play bundle (Digital Preferred, Blast Internet, Digital Voice), a Ti Vo service subscription, a Netflix subscription, and various “free” streaming entertainment services like Amazon Prime Instant Video, Slacker, and Tune In Radio. Comcast’s contract installer, after asking how many cable TV outlets I planned to pay to “activate” and, being told only one, methodically began snipping all of the pre-wired connections in the networking box – every one, without explanation, connectors that he could have easily unscrewed.

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Perhaps most important is that, without the condition of having to buy several layers of services from Comcast (or anyone else) to get a reasonable price, non-TV cords could be cut with abandon.

Gone was the sometimes-choppy Xfinity Voice service, replaced by pure voice-over-IP Ooma (about $5/month for taxes, plus a one-time $129 cost for the Ooma box).

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It never had cable service before, but did have a cool central distribution panel for all cable and phone outlet wiring.

But no incident rivals the one time, more than five years ago, when I moved into my townhouse in Seattle.

What I learned and recommend: Do I love Comcast now?