Because I’m married right now." (Naeun) -Which member will get married first?"Hayoung will" (Everyone)"When I first debuted, I wanted to when I was around 23-24 years old. And I didn’t want a big age difference with my daughter, so I could become a mother who could relate to her.We often hear that it sounds similar to SES sunbaenim’s song. Haha." (Hayoung) -What did you name the main point of the dance?

When a romantic scene comes on, we hold on to each other and scream.

Recently, we've been enjoying 'Incarnation of Jealousy'."", with BIGBANG being the ones who stand out the most to her.

The once again gathered A Pink dreams of rising in the music industry with ‘No No No’.

Even during a 1 hour interview A Pink was not able to stop laughing.

Black Pink have recently made their highly-anticipated return with two new title songs - "Playing With Fire" and "Stay" - both of which revolve around love.

Needless to say, these new tracks are a bit of a departure from "Whistle" and "Boombayah", and the group recently talked about where the inspiration for the songs came from.She always exercised meticulously." (Namjoo)"As I was promoting, I couldn’t exercise a lot.Compared to when I was the skinniest, I even gained up to 7kg." (Chorong) -There’s a lot of talk saying Hayoung stands out in this promotion."I think different members stand out from time to time depending on how much individual effort they put in. She inspired the other members." (Eunji) -Is there a variety show you would like to appear on? It was the only program we never missed an episode of.It isn’t just the two members, but all of A Pink has come back with an even more upgraded power.-It’s been 1 year and 2 months since we last saw you. "We practiced dancing and singing, and those who had individual activities worked hard to fulfill those tasks. Rather than saying we’re protecting our innocent concept, it’s a concept that we decided on since the time of our debut.It feel like I’m just having fun." (Naeun) -Son Naeun has a lot of connections to marriage.