DC insiders are buzzing that John Harwood, a CNBC Washington correspondent and political writer for the New York Times, has split with his wife, Frankie Blackburn, and has dated Sen.Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) According to well-placed sources, Harwood has kept it out of one DC paper by sobbing to a reporter until he agreed to kill the story.In the whole House, the number of singles has more than doubled since 1973.

The Senate tally has tripled in the same period, with five single Senators in the 93d Congress, and 15 in the 103d.

Because of the hours and travel demands, the Congressional life has never been kind to marriages.

Telling people to get lost, after all, is a luxury that members of Congress do not have. Fingerhut worries that his marital status might be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

"Because I'm single, my staff assumes that I have no constraints on my schedule whatsoever, so they schedule me for 24 hours a day," he said. He doesn't need to be with his family.' Scheduled like that, you're going to be single the rest of your life." The Capitol, so long an old-fashioned enclave of Congressmen and their wives, is only slowly entering a more modern era.. Fingerhut complains that he must personally accompany any constituents to the White House who want to go on A. tours there (Congressmen get a certain number of passes to this special tour), while his married colleagues are allowed to send their spouses as chaperones.

The 2015 fire season is poised to become among the worst in American history. senators have asked NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to support a name change for the Redskins, calling supporters of the nickname “on the... Elizabeth Warren has launched a campaign to make banks boring again as she pushes legislation to enact stricter regulations forcing deposit-taking financial institutions out of the investment business.

More than 6 million acres have burned nationwide, most of that in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, and the season has just come into its prime in drought-plagued California,... A group of 16 senators wrote to the NFL Thursday, asking the league to create a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence after a video was released of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his now-wife. Politicians continue to weigh in on the appropriateness of Redskins as the name for Washington’s NFL team. SEATTLE -- Eight days after the federal government declared that a proposed mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay would have a devastating effect on the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery, a Washington senator and 250 chefs and food professionals demanded that... Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) urged labor leaders Sunday to prepare for an uphill battle as they seek to strengthen the labor movement, beat back "powerful interests" and enact financial reform. Fingerhut if he'd like to come over to dinner some time. Fingerhut, a single 33-year-old Congressman from Cleveland, called to see if she would be free one Saturday night after he finished his duties in the district. Nowadays, being single in Congress is really hard." The clean-cut Mr.Over dinner, she asked the Congressman why he had waited so long. Fingerhut recalled, dropping his voice to a level reserved for national security issues. " And here he is, puncturing decades of Washington lore about the glamorous, fun-loving life of a bachelor Congressman. Fingerhut, who voluntarily describes himself as a "nerd," is erring on the side of total timidity, of course."Here, I'm out there, schlepping myself in the morning, and all these members' wives are there," he said. " Capitol Hill veterans are still getting used to the new climate, where members might offer to fix up their single brethren on dates, and where the new influx of women has allowed more single lawmakers to eye each other in a romantic way. Lambert, a 32-year-old freshman from Arkansas, and Bart Gordon, a 44-year-old fifth-term Congressman from Tennessee who is also single, made a splash doing the Lindy, with extravagant dips, in a dance contest at a Sock Hop at the annual Democratic retreat in Baltimore in January, their colleagues buzzed for weeks about the handsome couple. Gordon says about that is this: "It's like the movie 'When Harry Met Sally.' You can have friendships with women you deal with on a professional basis." Perhaps Mr. Susan Molinari, the Republican Congresswoman from Staten Island, agreed that intra-Congressional romances are tough -- even if the couple shares a state and party."I could date Maria Cantwell or Blanche Lambert -- they're hot," mused Mr. She said she had to spend her 35th birthday alone last weekend, attending political events in Staten Island and Brooklyn, while her boyfriend, Representative Bill Paxon of Buffalo, tended to his constituents upstate."We're going out to dinner tonight," she said on Monday evening, once the pair were back in Washington.