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Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), introduced a bill that hopes to change the way sporting organizations prevent and respond to incidents of sexual violence.

) whether due to abuse or free will publicly, then the public will no doubt have a reaction to these kind of statements and that reaction will not always be a positive one. February 19, 2009 PM I find it hard to believe that anyone would "choose" to be gay.

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One of my favorites singers Rahsaan Patterson recently sat down with Daily Voice columnist Mark Corece for an exclusive interview prior to a performance at Chicago's Park West Theater.

We need confident celebrity figures to come out as well who can show another aspect of black homosexuality.

Just as the educated black character balances out the "hood" black character in tv and film, so too must we have diversity in the gay images that are presented to those looking for gay celebrities with whom they can identify.

Although I don't believe that his homesexuality is the result of the abuse or the spirit, I acknowledge that it may have shaped his views on why he loves men.

February 19, 2009 PM You know,we as gay brothers have to be careful that we are not overly judgmental or cynical about our brothers who choose to believe that there is a choice in being gay.

I believe Rashaan shares the opinion of many who have accepted the rhetoric of choice and spirits and such.

I have not been the victim of abuse but recognize that it can do some damaging things to one's psyche.

I grew up watching Patterson as a child performer on Disney's Kid's Incorporated and I identified with him even then, ironically we had more in common than just a talent for performing. So what do you think about Rahsaan Patterson's views on his homosexuality? It is unfortunate that many do not fully accept or understand that homesexuality isn't a lifestyle or a choice, it is just a part of who one is.

Yes, the mainstream Christian church does indeed teach that homosexuality is a spirit, but if one were to go deeper into the truth of the matter, it is very easy to be both a Christian and a proud gay or lesbian person. What we must begin to do is meet people where they are and guide them into a better understanding of who they are. There are some who are comfortable believing certain things about themselves. As important, I believe, is the need to have balance.

Of course his music was discussed but the conversation inevitably touched on the controversial comments Patterson made in a 2007 interview with BET in which the singer came out and described his homosexuality as "a spirit that attached itself to him".