Regards, FHi Pat, I returned home to Germany from California tonight.This is a lovely photo of the young saxophone player - the strong light contrasts were less than trivial to manage, but you got a good result showing the way she is standing in the limelight.

Sax is one of the few in the middle -- convinced that boys and girls are innately different and that we must change the environment so differences don't become limitations." As an educational philosophy, this is plausible and interesting (though the devil, of course, is in the details).

But a very large part of the argument that Sax presents is based not on educational philosophy, nor on educational research, but rather on what Sax calls "the emerging science of sex differences".

I like the outline that the lighting gives the subject - really makes her stand out. I agree that the flash takes away the entire atmosphere. I think a white frame would make the picture to stand out better.

Antonio Hello Pat, Interesting light, and you make well use of what is present!

Then I erased areas where I wanted more light and less noise. This club does allow flash photography but I've grown to prefer the ambient lighting. I definitely prefer the one with ambient light here as I like the interplay of the shady and lit areas. Good photo of the girl with his saxo, captured well, very spontaneous and likeable. This is my favorite version of the ones you mentioned.

Thanks for such a detailed note on your post processing, the results are worth it. I like the smooth light with beautiful shades and the brightness in the metal of the instrument. In addition, saxo is one of the instruments that I like more, their music and its sound are very sensual. Greetings from Barcelona, Josephi patricia concert photo it isn 't easy to do cause of the hight contrast between lights and shadows, i don't mean about noise in such condition sometime it add cub atmosphere. The warm color tones are very pleasing, and I like the nice side lighting. I wish I had a lens that fast :-)Definitely this is the best one, although I note the original is not as bad with the noise as I would expect at ISO 1600. I like the way you composed the shot too with the musician on the left.Composition and framing is also high class...absolute great work. The treatment of the noise is also nice, I mean, I am surprised that the photo'd become this smooth look. I like the yellowish tones and the lightening on her. Hi Pat, I prefer what you have done as to flash photography.No matter what, the flash always give an unnatural light. Keep well, David This is one of your best portraits if not even the best.She has a very laid back, kind expression which is also appealing. The job you did to remove noise is really great, even if the noise was giving a special effect to the picture.The picture itself is well composed, the DOF is just perfect and the subject is really nice. And no, the flash version doesn't have the same feeling.Comparing with the original I also thin that your post-work turned out pretty darn good. Hello Pat Probably one of your best portrait shots.