Update: We use this list to store email templates to be merged with correct data from other list and send it.Basically, just an example: Dear "User" please view your user dashboard by clicking on @Dave Wise we have email templates in one of the SP lists and we embedded some links into these templates.

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I used the Googler Shortener, it't not beautiful but it works for me. In our case, we are using a workflow to dump out the data to SQL Server for use in a reporting engine.

The problem is that in the reporting engine, relative URLs are useless.

Thanks Desmond Doesn't work for me - I've followed what worked for you - putting " on the FB advanced settings - still getting the error.

I did make 1 step forward - I put and onto a webserver ( and changed the base URL vairable in to "

To get around this, we have to fire something off in SQL Server to pre-pend the missing URL parts.

Our workflow reads the SP list item, transfers the contents to SQL Server which then makes the data visible to Cognos.

If you were to make the change using code or script, it would probably work.

If you can't do that, you could use one of the free redirect services on the internet like tinyurl.

Unfortunately like Dave Wise has said, that's the intended behavior. Make Full Url() to convert it back, but from what I remember it doesn't handle https particularly well. In Share Point, a single content database can have up to 5 default URLs and any number of alternate URLs.

If it embedded the full path to the one specific server name in the hyperlink then that same content would be broken when viewed from another URL.

URL for mobile devices its hardcoded here if (running In Cordova) so you will have to add this to the list of valid urls at the facebook side Max, Are you able to get it running at all on a mobile device? My goal was to have ability to test my cordova app on both desktop and mobile so I have put to xamp public dir and hardcoded oauth Redirect URL in case when current platform is not a mobile.