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Season 12, Episode 7December 19, 2016The Smith family is off to the rescue when Steve is kidnapped and spirited to the North Pole, where Santa Claus uses youngsters to mine valuable stones to be employed in an ancient ritual.

Season 12, Episode 5December 5, 2016Stan is rattled about becoming a grandfather after Hayley and Jeff announce they want to have a baby.

Dory makes a huge connection in the case, while Drew is tempted by the fruits of another.

Portia has an altercation with the star on the set of her show. The world discovers that Elliott is a liar, so he enlists Drew to help save face.

Trying to win Ozzie over, Gerry goes above and beyond what any good sponsor would do.

Chelsea opens up to Father Doug about her marriage.Tribeca and Geils are poking around into a prostitution ring, and the lieutenant is just sick, mostly about it. Illegal pet ferrets are leaking into California, and the lieutenant could not be sicker about it. Tribeca's been hoarding vacation days and the lieutenant is sick about it. Another passenger arrives dead at LAX, and the lieutenant has finally been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. A band of British gangsters has robbed another bank, and the lieutenant's meningitis is worsening. Geils has been kidnapped, and the lieutenant is inches from death, though you wouldnĂ‚’t know it from watching the episode. And also she's just woken up from a year-long coma. Todd adjusts to a life of solitude in "The Pit." Pack stumbles upon other survivors of the crash.Afraid of what they might uncover, he orders them to stop. Tribeca and Geils follow a trail that naturally leads them to a high stakes poker game. Ordered to take a day off, Tribeca dabbles in civilian life while Tanner and Geils solve a murder on a golf course. The gang goes undercover aboard an airplane to catch the killer in the act. He orders Tribeca and Geils to infiltrate the gang, but somehow they end up stuck in prison. Tribeca will stop at nothing to save Geils before time runs out. The 256 character limit on these descriptions makes i A man is found dead in a dog park, but a finally healthy Lieutenant Atkins doesn't think Tribeca's ready to take the case. Tensions flare between Tribeca and Scholls after the skull of a missing sushi chef is fished out of the ocean. And, if you can believe it, the island makes a discovery that could change everything. After one of their own falls ill, two survivors make a daring escape off the island.Things get weird for New York journalist Ozzie Graham after a suspicious car accident sends him searching for answers at Star Crossed, a support group for alien "experiencers".Don't miss the two-episode season premiere of People of Earth, Halloween night on TBS.Portia is given the opportunity to dazzle the set, and Dory and her boss Gail go undercover, which ends face-to-face with a prime suspect. The mayor is being blackmailed, and the lieutenant is just sick about it. A baker has been murdered and the lieutenant is just sick about it. A ventriloquist is dead, and the lieutenant is just sick about it. He's never been that strong of a swimmer, and the currents are deceivingly strong. Geils and Tanner investigate the mysterious death of a reunited boy band member while Tribeca finally meets with Sgt. When a graphic designer is found dead, all evidence points to Tribeca. Todd, Danny and Owen investigate the other islanders after unearthing a troubling suitcase.