The car will be printed this September at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago.

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He wrote in a recent blog: “Until technology can solved the problem of death in a literal sense, I believe we can at least preserve more of ourselves beyond photos and videos after we die.“I’m creating a chatbot that responds to what I say in my mothers voice. ’ and offers a different response if asked again, so it’s not repetitive.“It also uses a machine learning algorithm to comprehend the various ways a question can be asked.“As time goes on, it will be able to answer more questions until it’ll feel like I’m just talking to my mom on the phone — even if she’s not really there.“The tedious part, of course, is having my mom record these audios beforehand.

The critically unloved 1999 film Bicentennial Man seems like an odd turning point in the evolution of chatbots, but for Robert Hoffer, Robin Williams’s performance as an intelligent robot was an inspiration.“I wanted to build that, you know?

We have tech from every corner, including sensitive robots, garden sensors, 3D-printed cars and motorcycles that shoot grenades.

Above, Carl’s Junior is a "sensitive" robot that looks like a turtle with colored lights across its shell.

” says Hoffer, a co-creator of the Smarter Child chatbot that lived atop early messaging programs such as AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger.

“I wanted to have an intelligence you could talk to on the Internet that would become your best friend for life.”Beyond just holding a conversation, Smarter Child wanted to be useful, tapping into web services to provide sports scores, weather forecasts, stocks, and other info.

As a result, when the 29-year old Ms Kuyda or one of her friends chats to the bot, it responds in a similar vein to how Mr Mazurenko would talk through text.

Ms Kuyda says bots like this will help people with the grieving process, and says that the bot does indeed sound like her late friend.

Eugenia Kuyda, a software developer from the US, has developed a chatbot which is almost identical in speech to her late friend, Roman Mazurenko.