Too long and they may just consider you a friend; too short and they are just not interested.” Which bring me to my next point… For example, instead of saying Hey, they say Hey there! Here’s what Megan had to say: “To let them know that this conversation will be flirtatious, I typically blatantly start them off that way… Melissa is still single if you’re interested after reading that.) EXTENDED WORDS Any sort of extension to a word is good. ) CAPITAL LETTERS Capital letters that accentuate a point are good as well.

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Here’s what my future wife had to say after she went through saved AIM conversations between me and her (apparently this is common among broads): “Apparently, I thought I was Tony the Tiger and I needed to extend all my vowels with lots of letters “greeeeatttt! or Byeeeeeee or I knowwwww (there was a lot of that one). I had multiple responses from my “focus group” saying they always would try to sign off first.

Apparently they want to make it look like they are busy.

Most of our contact early on was through either Facebook or AOL Instant Messenger.

These tools are great for guys like me, who are usually to pussy to actually pick up the phone to talk to a girl.

Unpacked and strolling the grounds, immersed in your own thoughts, the stillness of the afternoon air was broken by the sound of a car approaching down the gravel driveway. I was so into his sex I wondered if I might be gay as I no longer wanted pussy but longed for his huge cock.

Mike worked in sydney and lived up there during the week while he was working. We wasted no time, I got my picnic rug out of the boot of my car, we walked up to a gap between the trees. Woody waisted no time and dropped his shorts, exposing his long hard cock which I have been waiting for, for so long.She needs to IM or text you initially at least some of the time.However, don’t expect that too often because even if she likes you she may not want to come off as desperate and will wait for you to start the conversation.If you get an extended goodbye or an add-on than you might be getting lucky really soon. This section of Swingers Heaven is a place where you can tell all about your swinging and/or dogging escapades!He regularly returned home Thursday afternoon and always demanded my presence Thursday evening. Monday morning, hubby is a way with our eldest daughter. I took his very erect and extremely hard cock straight i… Making your way down the ramp leading into the foyer of the floating restaurant you quickly scanned the dining room, looking for the wavy silver hair of the friend you’d not scene for a number of years.