The video also shows the bodies of other men and women lying on the ground.

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As fans and critics, we also craved more from Aubrey Graham. Today marks the 20th anniversary of Selena Quintanilla's musical biopic.

It's almost shocking to believe that just two years after the Tejano artist's death, Jennifer Lopez lit up the screen with a stellar performance as the legendary singer.

Shoba – whose nom de guerre was Isaipriya – was aged 27 when she died, and was identified by a friend speaking on condition of anonymity.

The distressing execution video footage, screened by Channel 4 News last week and originating in Sri Lanka, shows a number of incidents of soldiers in uniform shooting in the head people who appear to be unarmed – described as “cold-blooded killing” by an international expert.

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Jetzt Übersetzung hinzufügen The Healer Songtext Humdi Lila Allah Jehova Yahweh Dios Ma'ad Jah Rastafara fyah dance, sex, music, hip-hop It's bigger than religion hip-hop it's bigger than my niggas hip-hop it's bigger than the government (humdi luli lali lulo) This one fa' Dilla, hip-hop (humdi luli la, humdi luli la lilulo, humdi lulila humdi lulilaaa...) V1 we ain't dead said the children don't believe it We just made ourselves invisible underwater, stove-top, blue flame scientist come out with your scales up get baptized in the ocean of the hungry (Humdi luli lalilulo, Humdi lulilalilu) My niggas turn in to gods, walls come tumblin...(aaahhh) Chorus Humdi lila Allah jehova yahweh dios ma had ja Rastafara fyah dance, sex, music, hip-hop It's bigger than religion hip-hop it's bigger than my niggas hip-hop it's bigger than the government (humdi luli lali lulo) This one is the healer, hip-hop (humdi luli la, humdi lulilalilulo, humdi lulila, humdi lulilaaaa) V2 Told you we aint dead yet we been livin' through your internet you don't have to believe everything you think we've been programmed wake up, we miss you. go get baptized in the ocean of the people (Humdi luli lalulilo) say reboot, refresh, restart. (humdi lulila, humdi lulila lilulo, humdi luli la, humdilulila) Noch keine Übersetzung vorhanden.From depicting Selena's humble beginnings and family feuds, to her breakout career that created a space for women, Tejano artists, the Gregory Nava-directed...South by Southwest 2017 came and went with its annual conglomerate of conferences, interactive media, film and music showcases in Austin, Texas.“Kendrick ain’t called me since y’all made up some s**t about us being in the trailer makin’ out so he missed his award,” she tweeted Monday.The tweet was accompanied by the photo it referenced, showing Badu with Lamar onstage at the 2013 BET Awards, where she joined him on a version of his hit “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.” “Sound check, performance, photo opps, ghost. The Badu mention comes during the first verse of the track, which marked the first collaboration between Lamar and West, two of hip-hop’s most innovative and commercially successful artists. On this January day, the temperature tapped in at 44 degrees, with a wind chill that rudely pushes you to your enclosed destination for warmth, but for its longtime resident, he’ll have to brave the cold for yet another day. On May 19, Faith Evans is set to release the long awaited duets album with her late husband.