Fakih’s prospects are so anemic that she’s doing local Detroit radio interviews.

In one of them, she claimed she was contacted by the Department of Homeland Security to be “a bridge to the Middle East.” Well, she wouldn’t be the first open supporter of Hezbollah or Muslim with a great deal of family who are top Hezbollah officials and Hezbollah martyrs.

Baseball may be America's pastime, but that doesn't mean the sport isn't as frustrating as it is thrilling.

The MLB season stretches over 162 games, so bad teams have room to gain ground, just as good teams have ample opportunity to slump their way out of the last wild-card spot.

As WAGs around the world continue to steal the spotlight, many athletic talents are beginning to feel as if a glamorous model is the only way to improve reputations and cement legacies. Let's take a look at 15 athletes who are currently dating supermodels.

Behind every perfectly curved beauty is an athlete rolling his eyes.

Fakih, the first Arab-American Miss USA, was caught with an open bottle of champagne when she was stopped in her Jaguar, driving erratically.

Rima pleaded no contest to driving while visibly impaired and is now facing a maximum of 93 days in jail during her sentencing next month.

Fakih managed to survive a year with zero questions about her support for Hezbollah, the terrorist group that murdered hundreds of Americans.

And zero questions about the financial support she received from “former” Islamic terrorist, marriage fraud, and immigration fraud perpetrator, Imad Hamad, an open supporter of HAMAS and Hezbollah, for her Miss USA and Miss Michigan pageant bids.

That’s one step–well, maybe half a step (with apologies to steps for insulting them)–above wearing pasties, a g-string, and writhing on a pole.