That's not to say that guys shouldn't message girls.(On behalf of myself in 2011, please do, but don't be gross.) Wi-Fi-chivalry is not dead.

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But the photo issue ultimately boils down to honesty.

Photos that show personality — and maybe aren't even the most attractive are probably the most helpful.

So I updated my information to sound more amenable to men, and I procured more dates ... There's nothing wrong with not being a "cool girl," not being a sports enthusiast, and wanting to use words (especially if you write them for a living).

I learned it's equally as important to be honest in person as much as you are online, like admitting that no, you haven't heard of the band Com Truise and that the idea of playing catch in the park is not an ideal date for you.

"Data: A Love Story" by Amy Webb chronicles Webb's journey as she looks for love on the internet.

Webb used analytics and data to gamify the system and find her husband-to-be.

And obviously, I'm not the only woman who thinks this is an awesome strategy, because now we have the popular dating dating app Bumble.

Bumble forces women to make the first move, like a mobile Sadie Hawkins dance.

Maybe you'll go on fewer dates, but the dates you do go on will probably fare better than they would had you not paid attention to specifics.

I started doing this in the tail end of my dating saga, and it turned out to be a smart move.

She said that it wasn't the terrifying mid-1990s AOL chat room that I imagined it to be, and that it was an excellent way, if nothing else, to get the confirmation that there were human males on the planet. Someone really did bring his entire posse of bros along with him on a date.