In about 95% of the cases, once a man has placed a woman in a category, she’s stuck there.It’s not based on anything scientific, like a list of things she does and doesn’t do or some random point system either.

Likewise, men have a pretty good idea early on of what category a woman fits into.

She’s either girlfriend material, “jumpoff” material, or friend material.

However, there are five situations that make a friendship head toward a bad place, and possibly even end.

We're inundated with hearing from our friends on social media, but how often do we actually see them?

He’s not worried about the consequences and ramifications of a failed relationship. If a man has been secretly crushing on a woman and she presents an opportunity to take the next step, he’s going to jump at the chance.

If you’ve been placed in something other than the girlfriend category, you’re going to get something other than “yes.” It’s really that simple.

” While I’m always hesitant to speak for all men in general, this situation is one I’m willing to take a stand on.

If a man tells a woman “I don’t want to ruin the friendship” then nine times out of ten, it’s his polite way of telling a woman he’s not interested.

In that last one out of ten, he’s not interested enough in risking the friendship to pursue a relationship.

Growing up, I’ve been told women know within the first five to ten seconds of meeting a man whether they’re going to sleep with him.

Girl gets more brazen in her attempts until she finally asks boy why he doesn’t want to be her boyfriend.