Wait until you see a full grown rosevelt elk though, they`re BIG, like fill the back of a pickup with horns showing over the sides big. I like being a 1/2 hour from springer fishing and an easy and quick drive to the coast.

And other than springs like this year, the rain really isn't too bad.

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There are also a number of outlying areas (with an hour or so of the metro area) you may wish to consider depending on your preferences.

if you work from home vancouver makes a lot of sense as there some amazing deals on foreclosures and short sales.

As long as you are a LLC or employed, it really does not matter.

But that kind of a COL spread can pay for a lot of non-resident license fees.

That's an urban legend we use to keep Oregonions on their side of the river The I5 bridge sucks rocks but most of the time I205 isn't any big deal.

I can get from East Vancouver to the airport in 20min most of the time. Every once in a while it will take an hour but 90 % of the time it's not a big deal.Very temperate climate (40-80 year round) with a reasonable job pool. Clark co./Vancouver has been on a huge growth/expansion boom over the past 15 years - and it shows.Like some of Portland's suburbs too, it's a homogenized, strip-malled, traffic choked locale that's indistinguishable from all the other places like it across the nation.And most Vancouverites who fish the coast drive by here.I drive to Portland plenty of times, commuted daily until 2 years ago and though there were some bad days, most of the time it wasn't too bad.__________________ Welcome, to the days you've made. The answer is that it is not meant to convince but to impress.” Sebastian Haffner "Keep Public Lands Public - Now and Forever" Thanks for the replies. As far as work goes, I will be based out of home but calling on small businesses on both sides of the river. I guess I'll have to consult a CPA for the income tax laws on interstate business. What really draws me to the area is the abundance of outdoor activies all year round.