Today, as we commemorate the feast of the Holy Innocents, I would like us to renew our complete commitment to ensuring that these atrocities will no longer take place in our midst.Let us find the courage needed to take all necessary measures and to protect in every way the lives of our children, so that such crimes may never be repeated.

In particular, this account explains the moral depravity of the Canaanites which necessitates their extermination. It is a passage which has long been employed to justify slavery and, in particular, the sinful subjugation of the Black peoples throughout the centuries.

The curse of Ham, we are told, is simply being fulfilled as the Blacks live out their lives in servitude to the other races, particularly the Whites.

We may fail to appreciate the situation which Israel faced as they prepared to possess the land from the Canaanites; they had little or no contact with these pagan peoples.

The Israelites would have found it very difficult to grasp the reasons for being utterly merciless with their enemies, the Canaanites.

Chapter 10 describes the results of that dispersion.

But chapter 10 is given first to allow the emphasis to fall upon the narrowing of the godly line down to Abram.

Had God not hardened the hearts of the Canaanites so that they refused to seek a treaty with Israel (cf.

Joshua ), Israel very likely would not have aggressively sought to obey the Lord’s command to kill them.

Why then does India’s Catholic Church not walk its pious talk?

We hear these children and their cries of pain; we also hear the cry of the Church our Mother, who weeps not only for the pain caused to her youngest sons and daughters, but also because she recognizes the sins of some of her members: the sufferings, the experiences and the pain of minors who were abused sexually by priests. Persons responsible for the protection of those children destroyed their dignity. We join in the pain of the victims and weep for this sin.

To have written any more would have been to perpetuate the sin of Ham.