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The station began broadcasting on March 23, 1954, owned by the family of taxicab magnate and Cleveland Browns founder Mickey Mc Bride along with WINK radio (1240 AM, now WJUA at 1200 AM; and 96.9 FM).

WINK-TV was the first television station in Southwest Florida and is the fifth-oldest surviving station in the state.

The VHF bands were more desirable because they carried longer distances.

Since there were only twelve VHF channels available, there were limitations as to how closely the stations could be spaced.

Most of the rest of the country ("1/2") would be able to receive a third VHF channel.

Other areas would be designated as "UHF islands" since they were too close to larger cities for VHF service.

Cable and satellite are all but essential for acceptable television in much of the market, even in digital.

On October 20, 2007, WINK-TV became the first television station in Southwest Florida to begin broadcasting in high definition.

The station has identified almost exclusively with its call letters since the mid-1980s.