During the service tributes were paid to Fr Lynch for his “for being a tireless advocate for the right of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people for more than 40 years as an out gay and proud Roman Catholic priest”.

He was also praised for “his courage in the face of tremendous adversity” and how he helped people living with HIV and AIDS in New York in the 1980s “in the darkest years of the HIV pandemic”.

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The days of hiding one's identity to win votes were already disappearing.

At the time, I don't think either of us understood the way this simple evolution would affect things going forward.

Sixty seven year old Lynch became the first Catholic priest in the world to have a civil partnership in 2006 and the passing of the same-sex marriage referendum allowed him to marry Billy.

He played a significant role in the campaign to pass the 2015 referendum with the ‘boat 2 vote’ initiative which saw Irish emigrants return home to vote yes.

It is great to know I can just be myself and don’t have to worry if ‘coming out’ will be an issue at the workplace.” Saro Mugnaini, team member at The Star said: “I love being part of Spectrum.

I have met some great people via Spectrum and I get the chance to see the changes the company is making following our input.Barack Obama's presidential farewell address summoned up happy memories of the way minority groups have been treated these past eight years in a city that has not always been prepared for the faces of the future.I want to offer a few personal stories from my experience in Washington with my partner, Democratic Rep. When Jared was elected to Congress in 2008, he became the first openly gay man to run for and win an open seat in the history of our great country.25 yo, planing to be in mexico, cancun or somewhere outside cancun (isla mujeres, playa del carmen) and looking for a cool travel partner to be with.date is flexible (around end of august to mid september ) comment here or kik me (username: mnarran) if you're around my age and interested...There are more lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lawmakers and staff, people with partners, spouses, and children.