NET component you want Object Data Source to connect for its operations.It also has four major properties for basic database operations such as Select Method, Update Method, Insert Method and Delete Method.

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An old friend of mine, Joe Shook, laughingly said, “you should read what other people write too once in a while.” Of course, he was right and naturally I do. I read almost everything I can get in my hands including technical books, blogs, and articles because I am surprised by the number of things I haven't mastered or that I still don't have a “best practices” sort of solution for. Thankfully I am still willing to stay up to 11 or 12 o'clock—used to be until the next morning—working out the details of what I don't know until I am happy with an answer.

A friend of mine actually asked me about this particular problem: what is a good way to bind a Drop Down List in a Form View.

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The Object Data Source control enables you to bind Databound controls such as the Grid View, Form View or Details View controls to a custom . In this tutorial I will show you how you can use Object Data Source control to insert data in Database. NET objects as parameters and how you can handle exceptions while inserting data in Database.

Bind and Eval perform approximately the same function, reading data from a data source. Selected Value End Sub Use Bind for the Drop Down List Selected Value and the code in Listing 1 is not needed. Modify the Customer ID by picking a Customer from the Drop Down List and click the Update button provided by the Form View designer.

The difference is that Bind is a two-way bind (read and write) and Eval is a one way bind (read-only) from the Data Source. Item Updating Dim control As Drop Down List = Form View1. If you use Eval then remember that the Drop Down List is in a template of the Form View, so you have to get the actual Drop Down List by calling Find Control and setting the updated value to the e. The running form is shown in Figure 3, and the ASP.

NET components are available in Business Login Layer or Data Access Layer and they perform all basic operations such as Insert, Update, Delete or Selecting Data from the backend Data Source.

The Object Data Source control has Type Name property which specifies the fully qualified name of the custom .

Admittedly I hardly ever use binding and Data Sources.

I generally prefer custom objects and manually setting and getting data.

Here are the steps: The last steps require that you bind the Data Text Field and Data Value Field properties to the Customer IDData Source and the Selected Value to the original source's Customer ID.