In real life, the rain pounding against the skin can heighten the sensation of your bodies brushing and your lips fusing.

Getting Around Bangkok Guide There are many types of attractions to Bangkok, and certainly something to please everybody.

Platinum Fashion Mall is a 6 storey building with an 11 storey condominium building above the place. [ ] Luxury Department Stores & Shopping in Bangkok With the possible exception of Singapore, Bangkok has become Southeast Asia's premier shopping destination for luxury goods and products.

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[ ] Siam Paragon Bangkok Siam Paragon is one the most convenient shopping centres in Bangkok, right next to the Siam Skytrain station, which has both routes converging at the station – Silom and Sukhumvit. Siam Paragon is also one of the smartest malls in the country, and possibly in South East Asia.

[ ] Platinum Fashion Mall Bangkok, Thailand Sometimes known as the Pratunum Mall, the shopping center is a great place to look out the latest designs at a fraction of the cost.

They've obviously been working or playing hard and they are touching with absolute abandon, celebrating their contact with each other.

This is almost the movie kiss, that moment in a film when the couple rushes to each other to trade kisses.

This isn't necessarily about seduction, but celebrating a new day together, a new day of discovery and a new day for passion.

On soap operas, the kiss in the rain is the declaration that this couple has found the truest form of love and passion because their heat turns the drenching downpour to steam.Capture this feeling and remember it - the kiss says it doesn't matter whether you are dripping in mud or jewels, it's all about being together.This affectionate pairing is tasting breathe and soul with each tentative kiss.[ ] Thai Phrases for Tourist Many phrase books and dictionaries give over-complicated ways of formally dealing with the matter of getting around in Bangkok.The following are simplified phrases, used by most people, which work perfectly well and make it easier for you to remember.Accommodation is priced very reasonably and is often relatively cheap compared to similar facilities in Europe or America.