He is not mentally different from any other 21 year old.He is VERY intelligent, and doesn't have any sort of mental illness. I know that because we talked before even seeing eachother in person [Yes, we have met in person WITH my parents around... He was attracted to me because of my personality, and vice-versa.

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that makes him sound like such a nerd, but really, he's just a faithful Christian. I was just wondering IF it was even legally possible. He lets us pick what religion we want to be, what we want to do as a career, how we wish to spend our money, and anything like that.

You tell me to stick to my age, but since girls mature faster than boys, and I am mature for my age, it's quite hard to find myself attracted to any boy my age. He may be questionable about it, but if you met this guy, you would think totally different of the whole situation. If you are so mature for your age, why do you insist that you are so mature that the law does not or should not apply to you as it does to every other citizen in this country?

If you were my daughter and you brought home any boy older than 17, I would politely show the young man the door.

If he protested I would let him feel the soles of my boots on his backside. "A 21 year old has no business dating a 15 year old.

You can read the statutory rape laws for yourself over at

Age of consent in Washington state is 16 unless the older person is in a position of authority (teacher, etc..).

I wanted to know about the whole sexual interaction laws in relationships like that too. I really don't know any of the laws when it comes to anything like this. Dating is not against the law - unless your parents say no. You would now be old enough where your relationship would not be covered by existing law...

My friend told me you had to be 16 to date someone 21. I know it will be weird, but the last thing you want to do is force their hand.

That does NOT give him the right to condone, allow, permit, endorse, etc anyone to commit a criminal offense with/against you or you to commit a criminal offense.

The only thing it will assure is that HE is at risk of facing criminal charges, along with your man friend. everyone says that" Yes, everyone does say that because "everyone" is right.

I don't think age has absolutely ANYTHING to do with anything at all.