It is not a secret that there is a widespread opinion among Russian women that life abroad is easy and beautiful and all men are wealthy, kind and match the description of Mr. In their turn men tend to think that all Russian ladies are home bodies, dependent on husbands and live in extreme poverty, so that life in a developed country will look a paradise for them.

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Internet pages are full of sad and happy stories about international marriages, and we wish your personal story and your life with your loving Russian wife to be happy.

The 1st thing you should do is to analyze your expectations.

It is considered that a Russian Woman can become a perfect wife, that means being loving and tender to their husbands they are kind and caring mothers to the children and good keepers of the home hearth.

When a husband comes home in the evening he finds his house clean, the food prepared for him and a beautiful loving woman playing with children. It happened to become a dream not only for western men but for Russian and Ukrainian women as well, because western women became more oriented on the career and Russian men lost certainty in their ability to provide for the future family due to the difficult economic state.

Women are also hesitant about taking such serious step as creating a family, being insecure of the possibility to provide their children with good education, healthcare and living conditions.

You know that even lodging is a huge problem for a young family in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of Former Soviet Union.manage to be strong, but still femine, to enjoy inner freedom but still be happy when they are married, to be loving, but still rather strict mothers and just to be great companions in the life boat? We don't know either, but if you are a reliable family oriented single man and your choice is a happy marriage with the Russian woman you love, who adds wonder to your life - you are going to search for a Ukrainian wife...Everybody knows that Ukrainian girls are the best in the world... Another name of Odessa is "The Pearl of the Black Sea".Our city is old with great history and traditions…When you come you will have an opportunity to see the famous places such as Petemkin Steps, Opera House, Primorsky boulevar. It is the third largest Ukrainian city after Kiev and Kharkov, a major industrial, cultural, scientific and resort center in the Northern Black Sea region.The city of bright summers, beautiful beaches, European level of service, friendly population and unforgettable women.