We thought it was a great opportunity to incorporate these on the Holywell Lane wall with the tube trains sitting above.We recreated the Victoria, Central, District and Northern line moquette designs, but using our signature toaster colours of orange, black, white and grey.The sticker is the most basic way and it’s so quick and easy.

army fuckmate co-37

It is also a great way to cunningly get our image up and for it not to be buffed as it looks like buff.

As it is simply the silhouette of the toaster, we like to think it also reinforces how recognisable we’ve made the image.

We wanted to mimic these; to point out the ridiculousness of the buff and to add to this accidental ‘art’.

It’s like ‘we’ve seen your buff and we’ve Bluff Buffed it, checkmate’!

The Toaster currently residing in Holywell Lane is surely the biggest ever! Torrential rain, wind and that bloody 135 bus to Crossharbour whizzing past every five minutes – an interesting combination when you are 40ft up a scissor lift on a narrow pavement. Lots of people naturally mention the size of the toaster, but we also like the subtleties within that piece.

Only a few heads clocked it, but the background patterns are different tube line seat fabric designs.

Read on to meet the crew who have been dedicated to sticking their favourite kitchen appliance all over the streets of London and around the world for the past 12 years.

They share the story behind the reason they chose the toaster, tell us some tales from a few of their more adventurous toastering experiences and give us a sneak peak at what to expect from their first film to be released this spring. Toasters have been appearing on streets around the world since 1999.

We chose a toaster as we’d always find ourselves detached from others at house parties, hanging out in the kitchen debating the past, present and excitingly the future of the graffiti scene.

So we thought ‘that’s it, a toaster, the classic kitchen appliance’.

We’ve seen a lot of your recent ‘bluff the buff’ pieces around town. The pathetic attempts of the councils to cover graffiti with the wrong colour paint.