We’ll make sure no one is forcing you into an office romance and, if it’s a supervisor/report relationship, assign a different team lead.That’s it—if you want, we’ll even dot those i’s with little hearts.In most cases, relationships between coworkers don’t pose a threat to employers.

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A supervisor showing favoritism toward his girlfriend is the least of your potential problems, however.

If a relationship between a supervisor and a subordinate or between coworkers ends on a sour note, one of the employees may claim that it wasn’t consensual, that he was sexually harassed, or that she was retaliated against if she receives a poor performance review from her former paramour.

At the same time, company culture got cooler—and way more permissive. If they want to date a colleague, they should—and they don’t need you to tell them to keep PDA to a minimum (or to keep their pants on in the office.) ‘Policy’ has become a bit of a dirty word these days, for just that reason.

Companies we admire, like Netflix, have shown that you don’t need a bunch of lengthy codes of conduct to get team members to behave like adults. But that doesn’t mean those in people ops should turn a blind eye to any budding romances.

The good news is that you don’t need your lawyer to write a workplace dating policy—in fact, we’ve crafted a sample one for you.

And in the interest of defending your easygoing company culture, there’s not a single ‘wherein’ or ‘heretofore’ in sight.

Potential legal liability When office romances go well, they can lead to long-lasting relationships.