" she begs, lambasting "porno paparazzi girls"—which would have made for a more fun title—the way she took aim at Britney two albums ago)." Rolling Stone praised the collaboration with Lilth Fair and added that she takes on 'stupid girls' with these lyrics "What happened to the dream of a girl president?

/She's dancing in the video next to 50 Cent." Feminist website Feminspire were considerably more critical, naming the song in 2014 as one of "the top ten most sexist songs that aren't rap or hip hop from the last 20 years".

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The song was well received by critics for its sound, its lyrical content, and that it was "sexy".

Due to the lyrical content, Zomba Label Group (a division of Sony BMG) was reluctant to release the song as the first single, until finally the officials saw the music video for the song and decided to release the music video first before soliciting the track to radio markets.

It features Pink as a variety of roles, both as an angel and a demon, variety of celebrities, a random woman getting plastic surgery, a lady with a purging disorder, and others.

The song earned Pink a nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 2007 Grammy Awards. In the week of March 4, it climbed to number thirteen, becoming Pink's eighth top twenty single in the United States and her highest peaking single since "Just Like a Pill" (2002).

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-I punti del 2017 riguardano esclusivamente le settimane in top100 (per gli anni precedenti e di conseguenza nel totale sono comprese anche le settimane fuori dalla top100) -Non sono punteggi definitivi, per avere qualcosa di più definitivo e meno soggetto ad errori è meglio aspettare la Year-End ufficiale (sulla quale poi verranno eventualmente modificati i punteggi).The song was a moderate success in the United States, reaching the position of thirteen and the top forty on its component charts.A music video was filmed and premiered on MTV's Overdrive in January 2006.Author Noor Al-Sibai remarked that: "Pink shits on these women who are too stupid to break out of the chains of patriarchy by harshly judging their promiscuity and blaming them for 'giving in' to sexist tropes.Because obviously, women are to blame for their sexist objectification." Meyers and Pink shot the videos for "Stupid Girls" and "U Ur Hand", the album's third single, before the decision was made as to which would become the album's lead single.Womens love to taste an incredible horse cock and the farmer guys loves to fucks his dog. At the animal sex movies with the cutest girls will you see some wonderfull actions.