I tried all solutions listed except for the VBA options as I'd prefer to solve without code.

I was able to solve the issues by encapsulating my dates (the axis labels) in a TEXT formula as such: =TEXT(A10,"MMM-YY").

If it's a named range, that could conceivably be reasonably clean. My solution has been to make all charts on the active sheet invisible before the change in data, then make them visible again and call chart refresh for good measure. I change a cell value which contains, for example, the date range to base the dashboard on, and the named ranges and UDFs are forced to calculate.

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Thank you I have run into this same issue - not sure why, and when it happens the only way I have ever gotten the chart to force update is to change something in the chart definition itself, which can easily be done via VBA as in: There may be a better answer that gets to the bottom of the problem - but I thought this might help. Formula = temp Next sc Next co This is an absurd bug that is severely hampering my work with Excel. It happens to be a problem of refreshing the generated charts. This works for me and also handles similar issues with charts as well as chart objects. And by the way, these are chart objects, not chart sheets. I was dynamically building a querydef, setting that as the rowsource on my report and then trying to loop through each series and set the properties of each series.

Working on the sheet I would do a quick Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V on a piece of the chart (or the whole thing) to force the chart to update. Based on the work arounds posted I came to the following actions as the simplist way to move forward... When I zoom in or zoom out, I can get the expected results. The refresh may not be necessary - more testing needed. Anyway, let's cut to the solution: I didn't want to visibly change the chart title or some other aspect of it, and anyway I noticed this wasn't updating my charts consistently. Screen Updating = True End Sub So, the sheet named Charts Data, which references the custom function cell of Sheet 1, will do a recalculation AFTER the Compute Score() function has updated the cell of Sheet 1, since Worksheet_Calculate() fires after the Compute Score() recalc. Select 'Forwhatever reason a Select statement was needed . What I eventually had to do was to break out the querydef creation and the property setting into separate subs.Michael CM CHAU, Deputy Hydrographer, Marine Department, Hong Kong Government SAR [email protected] I am hoping to retire from my full time job through writing so I can buy a cabin in the South Carolina mountains and become a career author.And everything immediately updates when values change. From reading the other contributors issues above I started to think that the Charts were having problems with the DATE data type specifically, and therefore converting the values to text with the TEXT function resolved my issue. Just change the format within the double quotes (second argument of the TEXT function) to suit your needs. I had the same problem and none of the things you mentioned in question worked for me until I just activated sheet. to make sure Official is the Number 1 chart site on the interweb.This looks OK on your demo, but if you re-enable animations this redraws the animations rather than smoothly updating.