It is obvious that the young man will have a different view and opinion on things as compared to the older women.

This should be taken in some positive manner as it will help you to gain some knowledge and see the new world of the young’s.

One possibility is that when the women do not speak about her age and have extra ordinary looks.

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Dating a younger man advice video

The major advice for older women is that she needs to attract the younger men.

It is difficult that a young man gets attracted towards older women.

It is not that you are older and have more experience in sex.

It has been found that young men are much active from their teens in the sexuality issue.

It’s been eight years since Newsweek famously proclaimed 2009 as the year of the cougar.

The now well-known term wasn’t a reference to the Chinese calendar; rather, it was a bordering-on-crass idiom coined to define 40-plus women with a predilection for younger gentlemen.

Commenting on the programme’s host - Courtney Cox - San Francisco journalist Jane Ganahl wrote that the producers did a great job of converting the former Friends star into “a hapless, sex-obsessed divorcee who seems to be a mash-up of Mrs. Off screen, the frenzy that surrounded Demi Moore’s marriage to Ashton Kutcher, not forgetting the widely reported liaisons of stars such as Madonna, Mariah Carey and Sandra Bullock, allegedly serve as further evidence.

Nevertheless, it somehow seems precarious to start explaining away the genuine rise in older women dating younger men by skimming off examples from LA’s amorous glitterati.

Indeed, shows like Sex in the City paint a more sophisticated picture of mature woman’s sexuality.